Meet SoftLayer, an IBM Company

Welcome to SoftLayer. Whether you're a new customer getting started with SoftLayer or you've been with us for a while and just need to set up a new device, here you’ll find various resources to get you up and running quickly.

Every device in our data centers and all facets of our operations are automated and integrated into our one-of-a-kind, unified management system. This gives you direct control over every aspect of your SoftLayer services. And you can take that control however you would like, through our open API, web-based Customer Portal, native mobile applications for all major mobile device platforms, and even a command line interface.


SoftLayer's open Application Programming Interface (API) provides system-to-system access with more than 2,200 documented methods across 180 discrete services (also available through our Customer Portal). By directly integrating your system with our infrastructure, you eliminate layers of management systems and radically simplify operations.

Our API supports the use SOAP, REST, and XML-RPC interfaces, and as an open, standards-based platform, it can fully integrate with any third-party or custom application. It can securely connect to any system regardless of device or location—even mobile devices such as an Apple iPhone®—via our private network.

For more information on SoftLayer API 3.0, visit the SoftLayer Development Network.

Customer Portal

SoftLayer developers have built extensive interfaces to manage your account, products, and services that complement your operating system management tools. Many users prefer to interact with all aspects of their accounts through the Customer Portal, which is the point-and-click Web-based solution for SoftLayer account management. Within the Customer Portal, there are various categories that contain myriad related tools and features, from user details and billing to device management and load balancing.

SoftLayer Mobile

Staying in the know about your SoftLayer account requires options for management when you’re away from the keyboard. Our Mobile Interface Development team has created apps available for iOS, and Android OS devices so the most important details of your account are accessible from your phone or tablet. These apps are available free of charge in the app store or marketplace of their respective devices.

Command Line Interface

The Command Line Interface (CLI) is built on SoftLayer’s API Python Client and enables users in more technical, operations-based roles to interact with accounts, products and services in the command line of any operating system. The CLI is a great alternative for users looking to interact directly with various aspects of a SoftLayer account without the point-and-click requirement of the Customer Portal or the complex environment of our full-featured API. To learn more, check out our API Python Client and Project pages, all available through SoftLayer’s GitHub.

The SoftLayer network provides more than 2,000Gbps of connectivity across a global footprint of 30 data centers and 28 points of presence (PoPs). We have enabled 20Gbps network connections across our locations that are provided by leading global network providers, and include multiple public peering links to dozens of additional Internet access networks.

Our network is actually three distinct and redundant gigabit network architectures—public, private, and data center-to-data center—seamlessly integrated into the industry's first network-within-a-network topology. This design provides maximum accessibility, security, and control for your IT infrastructure.

Public Network

Our best-in-class network offers carrier grade Internet connectivity to multi-home backbone carriers. This network is capable of gigabit speeds from the server to the Internet. You can also find bandwidth graphs inside the Customer Portal.

Private Network

Our private network facilitates complete control over server management while adding convenient and secure services. There are three functional areas to the private network:

Server-to-Server: If you have two or more servers with SoftLayer, these servers can communicate over a private connection at up to gigabit speeds on the same secure VLAN. Bandwidth is free and unmetered.
Server-to-Services: Your private VLAN and all connected servers have access to NAS, SAN, DNS resolvers, OS update servers, and more over the server backend network. This allows for fast, secure connections with free, unmetered bandwidth.
VPN to VLAN: True out-of-band management is possible through a distinct stand-alone third carrier over our SSL, PPTP or IPSEC VPN gateway. Simply launch a Web browser, type in the VPN address and you will be dropped into your private server backend VLAN. Use terminal services or SSH to gain access to your server over the private IP address or use the console software supplied in the Customer Portal to console directly into your server. Our VPN to the backend is an advanced method of server management and will give you control when your server has crashed, powered off, or any other state. You can also upload/download server files to and from your server over the secure VPN and without using your server bandwidth allotment because bandwidth is unlimited.

Data Center to Data Center Network

Provides free, secure connectivity between servers housed in separate SoftLayer facilities. You must  select Private VLAN spanning to be enabled for your account in order for your systems in different private VLANs to communicate.


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