Management VPN access in case of VRF on Direct Link


When a customer has ordered their Direct Link and it is deployed with a VRF, management VPN services are impaired. PPTP and the IPsec (the $99 option from the portal) meant for connecting the customer straight into the private network for Out-Of-Band management of their servers will no longer function. This will only impact the SoftLayer offered VPN services. Customers will still be able to set-up VPN solutions on their Vyatta's or other self managed servers.


SoftLayer also offers SSL-VPN as a means to connect securely to the private network. If a VRF is in place, setting up a SSL-VPN with a SoftLayer PoP location will no longer work. However if the customer connects directly into the Data Center, SSL-VPN will work.
How to connect to a SL DC using SSL-VPN

By following the steps on this KL article: A customer can securely connect to a datacenter.

As listing of VPN gateways is located here:

A VPN URL will look like this: you can change the 'ams01' part of the URL with any data center designation as you like.