Setting up PPTP for Fedora 5

Setting Up PPTP for Fedora Core 5

Install PPTP and the pptpconfig GUI using one of the following commands:

# rpm -Uvh
# yum --enablerepo=pptp-stable install pptpconfig


  1. SoftLayer's PPTP information:
    Server:  (Dallas) (Seattle) (Washington D.C.)

    Domain Name: Leave blank
    Username: (example: SL12345)

  2. Run pptpconfig as root, and a window should appear,

  3. Enter the name, server, username and password into the Server tab.

  4. In the Encryption section leave everything the default for it works for most customers.

  5. Click on Add, and the tunnel will appear in the list,

  6. Click on the tunnel to select it, click on Start, and a window will appear with the tunnel connection log and status,

  7. If the connection fails, you might need to gather more information, so on the Miscellaneous tab, click on Enable connection debugging facilities, click Update, try Start again, then look at the Diagnosis HOWTO for whatever error is displayed.

  8. If the connection succeeded, you can try the Ping test button. If the ping fails, you should try to find out why before proceeding. If the ping works, then the tunnel is active and you may now work on routing.

  9. Only the IPs that live in the backend network at SoftLayer should be routed across this VPN tunnel.  Stop the tunnel, select it again, then click on either Client to LAN or LAN to LAN on the Routing tab, use the Edit Network Routes button to enter '' for the Network and 'SoftLayer' for the Name, and then try Start again. Now try to access your server's private IP address or SoftLayer's private name server at