Access WebCentralControl (WebCC) for EVault Backup


WebCentralControl (WebCC) is the client used when interacting with any EVault Backup service offered by SoftLayer, an IBM company. WebCC is a browser-based client run on our private network that allows for full control of any EVault Backup service, including configuration and restores. Follow the steps below to access WebCC for EVault Backup.

Access WebCC

  1. Access the Private Network over VPN.
    Note: WebCC cannot be accessed over the public network. A VPN connection must be established in order to access WebCC.
  2. Access the EVault Backup Storage screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the EVault Backup Storage Screen.
  3. Click anywhere on the row for the desired EVault Backup to expand the view.
  4. Click the WebCC Login link to launch the WebCC client in your browser.

What Happens Next

After accessing WebCC over the private network, actions may be taken on the EVault Backup service. WebCC's systems are fully documented and support for the application is accessible within WebCC. Refer to Find Instructions to Interact with EVault Backup in WebCC for more information on accessing WebCC's support documentation.