Add a Public IP Address to a Zone


When adding a Zone to a Private Clouds deployment, the chosen number of IP addresses are added simultaneously. The number of IP addresses chosen directly impacts the number of virtual instances that can be created within that Zone. IP addresses are associated directly to a Zone and are not tied to any single host server. At any time, additional public IP addresses may also be added. Add public IPs to a Zone in order to communicate with external network resources. Follow the steps below to add public IP addresses to a Zone.

Add a Public IP Address

  1. Access the desired deployment.
  2. Select Add Public IPs from the Actions dropdown list.  A pop-up box will appear.
  3. Select the desired Zone from the Select a Zone dropdown list. 
  4. Select the number of public IP addresses to add to the zone from the Public (Only) Secondary VLAN IP Addresses dropdown list.
  5. Click the Continue Your Order button.
  6. Review your order, update or complete any outstanding information and click Finalize Your Order to submit your order.
  7. Note: When adding IPv4 addresses, justification must be given and will be prompted in a text box on this screen.