Enabling Public Access to VMware ESXi

By default the ESXi Host is installed with the service console only on the private network, which means no public traffic to and from the public network on the ESXi Host.
To get started we will need to connect to the server using VMware vSphere Client on the server’s private interface:
You will need to have available the ‘Primary’ Public IP information of the server in order to complete the setup. Information regarding the Public IP of the server can be found in your Softlayer Portal:

After logging into the ESX Host follow these steps to enable the Public Interface

  1. You may now need to log into the server over SSH using the Private IP to correct the routing.
  2. First run esxcfg-route -l to determine the current routes
  3. Next run esxcfg-route -a [your servers private gateway ip]
  4. Next run esxcfg-route [your servers public gateway] to ensure that the public gateway is the default

Now you will need to log into vSphere and do the following -

  1. Click on the Configuration tab
  2. Click "Networking"
  3. Click "Properties" for vSwitch1
  4. Click the "Add" button
  5. Choose the "VMKernal" option can click "Next"
  6. The next page can be left as-is, though you may want to re-label the network to "VMKernelPublic" for identification purposes
  7. On the next page input the server's Public IP information
  8. Click "Edit" next to the VMKernel default gateway and enter in the public gateway ip, then click "OK"

After clicking OK you will most likely be disconnected from vSphere. This is normal, and expected.

Once done you should now be able to access the server using both the public and private ip addresses.

Please note that enabling Public IP access to ESXi contains inherent security risks, and as such you will want to ensure you take steps to restrict access to ESXi to only those who need it.