What is the Passmark Utility?

The Passmark utility suite is a software solution for stress testing a server's hardware, as well as running performance tests, drive checks and monitoring changes to sensitive files in the OS.

Softlayer uses the Burnin stress testing software several times during the life cycle of every server we sell to ensure that we deliver the most reliable hardware possible. We also install the Passmark utility suite to the server so that the customer can run stress testing and performance checks any time they want.

You can find the latest Passmark burnin certificate specific to your server by doing the following:

1. Browse to the Manage Customer Portal >> Bare Metal >> Configuration >> Servername
2. Scroll to the "Hardware Utilities" section and click "Passmark Hardware Certificate"

For a complete list of certificate reports: https://manage.softlayer.com/Hardware/passmarkList

To initiate from the Control Customer Portal, please contact support.