VMware FAQ

Can I deploy VMware components directly from the SoftLayer portal?

Yes, you have two options:

  1. Select and deploy the ESX hypervisor automatically with a monthly bare metal system (Figure 2). You can also deploy vCenter management automatically with a virtual machine or bare metal system (Windows only).
  2. Deploy a bare metal host with a free-operating system, such as CentOS, and subsequently install ESX manually using Remote Console and virtual media access of the host. You can then install vCenter Server manually or deploy the Linux-based VMware vCenter Server Appliance.
I have a client that is a service provider. Can they use their own VSPP licensing for hosts that they rent in SoftLayer?

No, customers can either use SoftLayer VSPP or BYOL for socket-based licensing. They can’t utilize their own VSPP agreement.

What license level is enabled when deploying vSphere from the SoftLayer portal?

Enterprise Plus, the highest vSphere license level.

Can I create my isolated private VMware cloud in SoftLayer?

Yes, you can deploy bare metal systems in SoftLayer, install any supported hypervisor (including VMware ESX) on these hosts, and deploy virtual machines using the native management tools. SoftLayer systems are deployed by default in VLANs for segregation and various networking components (such as gateways, routers, and firewalls) are used to create almost any topology.

How is VMware licensed in a SoftLayer environment?

The licensing approach is tied to your deployment mechanism, there are two ways to deploye VMware at SoftLayer:

  1. When deploying ESX from the portal: SoftLayer will automatically enable VMware Service Provider Program licensing (VSPP). On deployment, a default user "vmadmin" is added to the ESX server for data collection (do not delete). VSPP charges for RAM reserved and used for all “powered on” virtual machines (not “per socket” like a standard host license).
  2. When deploying ESX manually, customers can utilize bring your own license (BYOL), which allows customers to apply their standard licenses to these hosts. Please note, that BYOL cannot be used for hosts that have been deployed through the portal, SoftLayer's VSPP is expected to be enabled.

    Additionally, a vCenter Server instance is not required for VSPP to work.