Block Storage FAQ

Why can I provision block and file storage with an Endurance 10 IOPS tier in some data centers and not in others?

The File storage Endurance type 10 IOPS/GB tier is only available in select data centers, with new data centers being added soon.  You can find a full list of upgraded data centers and available features here.

If I have non-encrypted Block storage provisioned in a data center that has been upgraded for encryption, can I encrypt my Block storage?

Block storage that is provisioned prior to a data center upgrade cannot be encrypted. New Block storage provisioned in upgraded data centers is automatically encrypted ; there is no encrypt setting to choose from, it’s automatic.. Data on non-encrypted storage in an upgraded data center can be encrypted by creating a new Block LUN, then copying the data to the new encrypted LUN with host-based migration. See this article for instructions on how to perform the migration.