Brocade vRouter 5600 FAQ

What are my options for migration assistance from Vyatta 5400 to Brocade vRouter 5600?

No automated migration exists.  This offereing is self-service, with the exception of offerings currently managed by IBM.

Are there costs associated with the Brocade vRouter 5600?

Yes.  The list price is $399/month, per server, for up to 20Gbps.  Two servers are required for a high availability (HA) configuration.

How do I order a Brocade vRouter 5600?

Once accepted into the EAP, Brocade vRouter 5600 can be ordered through the SoftLayer Control Portal.  To order your service, first select Network > Vyatta > Order.  Select your bare metal server, then choose Brocade under Operating System.  you can select a high availability (HA) configuration for Brocade vRouter 5600 by checking the top of your order form.

When will support for gateway Appliance "Vyatta 5400" end?

Support for Vyatta 5400 is no longer available after February 20, 2018.  It is recommended that users start planning for migration to the Brocade vRouter 5600 platform.

How do I sign up for the Brocade vRouter 5600?

To sign up for the Brocade vRouter 5600 EAP, please contact your IBM sales representative.  To be accepted into the EAP, you can also contact our sales department at 866.398.7638, or