Virtual Server FAQ

What kinds of images may I use to boot or load devices?

The type of image that may be used to boot or load a device follows the same logic as images used to provision new devices. Virtual Server Instance (VSI) may utilize both Standard and Flex Images for either the boot or load process. Loading a Bare Metal Server from an image is limited to using a Flex Image.

Can I use a Red Hat Cloud Access subscription to create a virtual server?

Yes. When you import an image, you can specify that you will provide the operating system license. For more information, see Use Red Hat Cloud Access . Then you can order a virtual server from that image template and use your existing Red Hat Cloud Access subscription.

What are security groups?

With security groups, you can enact a set of IP filter rules that define how to handle incoming and outgoing traffic to both the public and private interfaces of a virtual server instance. A security group creates a sort of virtual firewall.

For more information about the security groups feature, see Getting started with security groups in Bluemix Docs.