IBM Cloud Object Storage (Swift) FAQ

Do I still have to adhere to the 5 GB per object limit when using SFTP?

The 5 GB limitation for objects uploaded to Object Storage is still in place using SFTP. If an object greater than 5 GB should be uploaded, we recommend referring to the following articles provided by OpenStack to ensure the object is uploaded successfully and efficiently:

Can a sub-user access Object Storage?

Any Customer Portal user with appropriate permissions may access and interact with Object Storage. If permissions have not been granted, the Object Storage menu option will not appear within the Customer Portal. To grant or remove permissions for Object Storage, refer to Manage an Object Storage User.

What is the file upload limit for Object Storage?

The upload limit is approximately 5GB for a single file. You will also have to take in consideration any device limitation - iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) Android and Windows Phone are currently supported. If you require a file size larger than 5GB, utilize segmentation. For more information regarding segmentation, review OpenStack’s segmentation overview for swift.

How do I interact with Object Storage?

Users access Object Storage through the Customer Portal, SoftLayer’s API or a third party client. For best results, use the Object Storage through the API. Interacting with Object Storage through our API allows the most control over your files and greater flexibility when utilizing your Object Storage account.

What are the best uses for Object Storage?

The best uses are for long term static data that do not require frequent manipulation.  Examples include photographs, videos, backups, virtual machine images. Object Storage is not recommended for data sets that need to be manipulated often.

Which devices can connect and upload to an Object Storage account via the Customer Portal?

Any mobile device currently supported by SoftLayer has the ability to connect and upload items to the user’s Object Storage account via the Portal. SoftLayer currently supports iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) Android and Windows Phone through our mobile apps designed with each device in mind. To download the SoftLayer Mobile app for your device, go to the Mobile Apps page on SoftLayer’s website.

What are the Object Storage authentication endpoints on the public and private networks?

The authentication endpoints for Object Storage are cluster-specific. Object Storage clusters are currently located in Dallas, Amsterdam and Singapore. Use the public or private network endpoint that corresponds to the desired cluster. Endpoints are as follows:

Amsterdam, NLD

Chennai, India

Dallas, US

Frankfurt, DE

Hong Kong, HK

London, UK

Melbourne, Australia

Mexico City, Mexico

Milan, Italy

Montreal, CA

Paris, France

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Seoul, S. Korea

San Jose, US


Sydney, Australia

Tokyo, Japan

Toronto, CA

Washington DC, US