Image Templates FAQ

What is the difference between "Boot from Image" and "Load from Image"?

Boot from Image and Load from Image both utilize existing Image Templates, which are applied to a device to either replace the existing operating system or to supplement the operating system in an attempt to remedy an existing issue. The main difference between the Boot and Load process is the type of image that is used. When performing either the Boot or Load from Image process, we recommend backing up all data to ensure it may be recovered.

  • Boot from Image is a way to boot a device using an ISO supplied by SoftLayer for system recovery or an ISO that has been uploaded using the Import Image feature in the Customer Portal. The ISO may be a clean version of the device's operating system or a recovery disk that can be used in an attempt to remedy an issue with the device.
  • Load from Image is a method of OS Reload that utilizes an Image Template that has either been captured from a device or uploaded using the Image Import feature in the Customer Portal. The Load from Image option performs the reload using a VHD, which wipes the device of all data and replaces the existing operating system and files with a "like new" version of the selected image.