Service Status FAQ

What types of notifications may I subscribe to through the Event Management System?

We currently offer four types of notifications through the Event Management System - RAID Alerts, UIP Notifications, Planned Maintenances, and Autoscale:

  • RAID Alerts are issued to subscribers if any device on the account experiences a RAID failure. These alerts are issued on top of the auto-generated ticket that is already in place through our monitoring system. Unsubscribing to RAID alerts will not impact the automatic ticket creation in the event of a RAID failure.
  • UIP Notifications are issued to subscribers when there is an unexpected service-impacting event that has occurred. UIPs include, but are not limited to, infrastructure issues, outages and unplanned maintenance.
  • Planned Maintenance are issued to subscribers when there is an expected service-impacting event that is scheduled to occur at some point in the near future. 
  • Autoscale are issued to subscribers for actions or events related to the autoscaling service.
How can I subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Event Management System?

Updating a subscription status only requires a few steps. Refer to Update an Event Management System Subscription for detailed instructions.