Log In as a New User

Log in to the Customer Portal

Log in to the Customer Portal with your IBMid credentials by clicking Log in with IBMid.  Most new users use IBMid for authentication.
  • For users in accounts that do NOT use IBMid for authentication, log in to the Customer Portal with the credentials you received via email when your account was initially created.
  • For users in accounts that use IBMid for authentication, log in to the Customer Portal with the IBMid credentials that you set up when your user ID for the account was initially created by using the Login with IBMid button.

Complete the Portal Tour

If you’re using the Control version of our Customer Portal, a link to the tour will automatically pop up the first time you log in. If you’ve already accessed the Customer Portal but haven’t taken tour yet (or if you’d just like a refresher), you can find it in the Help menu expansion in the Support dropdown list.

Verify your User Profile

Go to the User List in the Customer Portal to verify or complete the user profile your account administrator created for you when you were added to the account.

  • For users in accounts that do NOT use IBMid for authentication, your Customer Portal User Profile contains important information like your email address and contact information, Customer Portal and VPN passwords, API key and the security questions associated with your SoftLayer account. Within your User Profile, you can update your passwords and security questions to ensure that your information is kept secure at all times.
  • For users in accounts that use IBMid for authentication, you update your passwords and IBMid security questions within your IBMid profile, in addition to the above items in the Customer Portal User Profile.

Take a few moments to verify and update this information, if needed. Refer to Edit a User Profile to get started.

Subscribe to Notifications through our Event Management System

Our Event Management System is a toolset that optimizes the way we share information with users about unplanned infrastructure issues and upcoming planned maintenance events. Users have the ability to subscribe to notifications through this system to receive alerts that detail these types of events and how the events may impact our users' services. Subscribing to notifications is optional and you are unsubscribed by default when you are added as a new user in our Customer Portal. We recommend verifying your subscription and updating your subscription status to get the information you need delivered directly to your inbox. Don't worry, these subscriptions are reserved for notifications only - you won't get any additional correspondence than what you've asked for when you subscribe. The Event Management System is currently accessible through the Manage version of our Portal. Verify your subscription status and subscribe to notifications using the Update an Event Management System Subscription procedure.

Review and Set Up Your Devices

Click here to see the Device List in the Customer Portal. All of your devices are detailed in the Device List, where you can manage devices, upgrade devices, or generate bandwidth usage charts.

For setting up new devices, we suggest using the How Tos listed below:

Set Up a Bare Metal Server >
Set Up a Virtual Server >


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