Set Up Your Account

Log in to the Customer Portal

Log in to the Customer Portal with your IBMid credentials by clicking Login with IBMid.  Most new users use IBMid for authentication.
  • For users in accounts that do NOT use IBMid for authentication, log in to the Customer Portal with the credentials you received via email when your account was initially created.
  • For users in accounts that use IBMid for authentication, log in to the Customer Portal with the IBMid credentials that you set up when your user ID for the account was initially created.


Verify Account Contact Information

Your account's External Contact Information is the information used by the Customer Portal to notify you of any issues or changes with your account. The notification email address may be either to an individual or distribution list, but it must be current at all times to avoid missing important alerts. The External Contact Information may only be changed when logged in to the account using the Master Login Credentials.

To review your Company Profile, access the Customer Portal. Select Account > Company Profile. Request changes to the Company Profile at any time by submitting an update request in the Customer Portal.

Verify billing details

The Monthly Payment Method is the card that will be billed on a recurring, monthly basis for payments associated with your account. To ensure you are billed properly, verify that all of this information is correct. If your billing information should change, update this area immediately to ensure no issues will occur when your recurring payment is applied.

To modify your billing payment method, go to Select Account > Billing > Payment Method.

Add users and create roles

To add a new user to your SoftLayer, an IBM company, account, use the Add User function in the Customer Portal. For more information on adding a new user to your account, refer to Add a New User to a Customer Portal Account.

New users on every SoftLayer account should complete Log In as a New User, which helps users become more familiar with SoftLayer and the portal without having to learn about account-specific setup tasks.

Users can be associated with multiple accounts. To switch between accounts, click your name in the upper right of the Customer Portal and select another account.

Familiarize yourself with the SoftLayer private network

SoftLayer offers private network access to its users and devices free of charge. All bandwidth used on the private network is unmetered and complimentary. Private network accessibility provides many benefits including replicating device environments to other data centers for failover, front-end system accessibility to database servers, and secure access and management to your systems. SoftLayer’s private network is accessible through VPN, which must be enabled on each user’s account prior to use.

To access the Private network, edit the user’s VPN access from the User List. Visit the following page for information on the Virtual Private Network. For users in accounts that use IBMid authentication, they use their SoftLayer VPN username for VPN access.  The VPN username is defined in their user profile. The VPN username is different from the user ID that defaults to their IBMid email address plus the account ID.

Review and set up your devices

Click here to see the Device List in the Customer Portal. All of your devices are detailed in the Device List, where you can manage devices, upgrade devices, or generate bandwidth usage charts.

To set up new devices, we suggest using the How Tos listed below:

Set Up a Bare Metal Server >
Set Up a Virtual Server >


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