SoftLayer Development is made up of software engineers that work on systems, interface and business applications, as well as user experience designers, an innovation team, quality engineers and a group dedicated to partnering with our customers and business partners to ensure that every aspect of each customer’s experience with SoftLayer runs as smoothly as possible. Many of the tools customers use every day are created and maintained in part by our Development team. Because we realize that many of our customers work in and with environments that are highly driven by technology, we created the Application Programming Interface (API) so that our customers can interact with their account, products and services using direct API calls in a development environment as opposed to using a point-and-click interface like our Customer Portal.

When we created the API, our goal was to create an environment where customers could complete any task that was offered in our Customer Portal in the API. We still maintain this environment today and our API team makes frequent additions and updates to ensure that you have the best options available, including the ability to program in a variety of languages and options to use SOAP, XML-RPC and REST-based APIs. We recognize that, similar to our customers who work in Customer Portal, our customers who primarily make account interactions in the API need a viable source for support, as well.

While the KnowledgeLayer is a site dedicated to supporting the customer’s needs with a focus on our Customer Portal, the SoftLayer Development Network (SLDN) is dedicated to supporting our clients when interacting with their account, products and services using our API. The SLDN is the place to go for information on various API features, a complete list of calls that you can make to the API and various product and interaction-focused blog posts to give you ideas on how to best use the API. All of the content on the SLDN is created and/or reviewed by our highly-skilled development team to ensure you’re getting the best information possible, and we make updates to the site frequently to ensure that you have constant opportunities to learn more about how to program in the SoftLayer API.

We’d love for you to take a moment to take a look at the SLDN. Feel free to reach out to us in the Customer Forums or through direct article feedback if you have any questions or concerns. Happy coding!