Mounting iSCSI VMWare ESXi

Mounting iSCSI into VMWare ESXi can be accomplished with a few steps and only the details of the server and storage node.

  1. Log into the vSphere using the Primary Private IP and user root and root's password
  2. From the Welcome Page, click the Configuration Tab
  3. Click 'Storage Adapters' then 'Add…'
  4. Click 'OK' to add the Software iSCSI Adapter
  5. Confirm by clicking 'OK'
  6. After the refresh, you will see the new iSCSI Adapted listed
  7. Click 'Properties' in the bottom pane
  8. From the Properties Window, click on the Configure button near the bottom and set the "Name" to the IQN for the server(found on the storage device page under authorized hosts)
  9. Once this is done then click on the Dynamic Discovery Tab then click the Add... button
  10. The iSCSI server will be the target IP of the storage device then click on the CHAP.. button
  11. Select 'Use CHAP' and uncheck Inherit from Parent, input the Username(found on the storage device page under authorized hosts) and its password
  12. Select 'Do not use CHAP' under the Mutual CHAP section then click OK
  13. You will now see the device in the Dynamic Discovery Window, click Close
  14. Confirm the Rescan of the storage devices
  15. You will then see the device in the bottom pane grey and 'unmounted'
  16. Right click on the device name and select 'attach'
  17. Click on the Datastore Menu on the left side column then click 'add storage' and choose Disc/LUN
  18. Click on the device with the 'iqn.'
  19. Choose the File system Version you would like and click next then continue through the wizard
  20. Once complete, you will then be able to use the iSCSI as needed by the host and the VMs you create.


Attaching a Data Transfer Service iSCSI device is the same, except you will need to actually get the IQN from the server.  You would do the following from the ESXi console -

First you need to get the device:

esxcfg-scsidevs -a | grep iSCSI

Then you'll need to get the IQN (in this case, vmhba33 is the iSCSI device)

vmkiscsi-tool -I -l vmhba33