Access the KVM Console


The KVM console is accessed through the Customer Portal when a VPN connection has been established. The web-based console is a Java applet that allows authorized users to connect to the device through the browser. If the most recent version of Java isn't installed on your device, download it here. Upon launching the console, the device may only be accessed using valid credentials. Follow the steps below to access the KVM console.

Access the KVM Console

  1. Log in to the VPN through either SSL or PPTP. Refer to the VPN topic page.
  2. Access the Device List in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Device List.
  3. Click on the device you wish to access to bring up that device's page.
  4. Select KVM Console from the Actions drop down list for the desired device to access the console.

What Happens Next

After clicking KVM Console, the console should launch automatically in a new browser window. Authenticate to the device using the appropriate credentials. If it is the first time accessing the device, refer to Add, Delete and Update Users and Passwords for instructions on retrieving the appropriate credentials. Should issues arise with connectivity, please refer to the KVM connectivity FAQ for more information on troubleshooting the issue.