About Citrix NetScaler

Deploying a Citrix NetScaler in your SoftLayer solution accelerates web application delivery, boosts performance, and ensures your cloud applications and services stay optimized, available, and secure.  If you have challenging workloads, such as gaming, big data and analytics, or private clouds, the Citrix NetScaler platform can help you deliver your solution when, where, and how your users need them most.

Local and global load balancing, firewall features, and more, can help you protect and enhance your SoftLayer solution.  The Citrix NetScaler platform can be deployed in a High Availability configuration, designed to ensure minimal downtime, and is the only product currently in SoftLayer's catalog that can load balance traffic on both the public and private networks, as well as offering full Layer 4 and Layer 7 load balancing functionality.


Features offered with the Citrix NetScaler platform on SoftLayer:

  • Only product offered that can load balance traffic on both the public and private network
  • Management via GUI (Graphical User Interface) or CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Many different types of traffic distribution
    • Round Robin
    • Least Connection
    • Least Response
    • URL Hash
    • Domain Hash
    • Destination IP Hash
    • Source IP Hash
    • Least Bandwidth
    • Etc.
  • SSL Acceleration / SSL Offload
  • GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing)
    • Uses DNS infrastructure to connect the client to the best performing data center
    • Monitors load and availability of the data centers to select the best connection choices
  • Content Switching
  • Cache Redirection
  • Application Firewall capabilities
  • Application Security features

The NetScaler platform can be deployed on-demand, in as little as 15 minutes for NetScaler virtual appliances, in any SoftLayer data center around the world, and several licensing models that include the speed and features that you need, offer the flexibility demanded by today's bang-for-the-buck cloud solutions.  This flexibility ensures a good fit for every use case, from small-to-medium implementations, all the way to larger enterprises.

SoftLayer offers both the NetScaler VPX virtual appliance and the NetScaler MPX dedicated hardware appliance, and SoftLayer offers full, unrestricted root access to either device so that the customer has full access and control to make the granular changes needed.  See below for the different tiers of VPX and MPX offered by SoftLayer.

NetScaler VPX

The NetScaler VPX is not dependent on specific physical hardware, giving it the flexibility to be deployed anywhere, at any time.  Here are the features of the NetScaler VPX offered at SoftLayer:

  • Virtual Appliance running on dedicated hardware
  • Deployed like any other SoftLayer server, with flexibility and availability in mind
  • Offered in bandwidth tiers: 10Mbps, 200Mbps, and 1000Mbps

NetScaler MPX

The NetScaler MPX is a high-performance, dedicated hardware appliance that can handle even the most rigorous traffic loads for enterprise customers.  Features include:

  • Dedicated hardware device manufactured by Citrix
  • Deployed into existing SoftLayer solutions, directly onto the customers' VLANs
  • Available in configurations ranging from 1Gbps to 10Gbps of throughput

To learn more about the management and configuration of NetScalers, be sure to read more articles on the KnowledgeLayer, or contact a SoftLayer Sales Associate today!