Introduction to VPN


VPN access is designed to allow users to remotely manage all servers and services associated with their account over our private network. A VPN connection from your location to the private network allows for unlimited file transfers, out-of-band management and server rescue through an encrypted VPN tunnel. Communicating using the private network is inherently more secure and gives users the flexibility to limit public access while still being able to access their servers. Any user on your account can be given VPN access, which is available as both SSL and PPTP. VPN interactions through the SoftLayer Customer Portal allow for VPN access customization at the user level.

How it Works

With VPN access, the are two ways to connect with the private network and manage your server and services. These options include SSL and PPTP VPN connections. Connect to the private network using either method based on your individual needs and/or preferences.

SSL VPN Connections

SSL VPN is a quick-access connection that connects you to our private network directly from browser. The SSL VPN is compatible with Windows XP or higher and ActiveX, Fedora and Mac OSX. Global access to our private network is quickly and easily accessed at a single URL which allows you to choose the nearest VPN endpoint.

Subnet Limit: The SSL VPN client has a hard 64 subnet limit that it can use to populate its routing table. If your account has more than 64 subnets, you will need to make sure that you modify your SSL VPN permissions to use manual subnet assignment. If you do not, this can cause some subnets to become unreachable through the SSL VPN.

PPTP VPN Connections

PPTP VPN allows you to securely connect to the private network using OS-specific client software from your desktop or on a dedicated device such as a firewall or router. We currently provide VPN connectivity for Windows XP or higher, Fedora, Ubuntu and Mac OSX. The PPTP connection option is designed for those looking to connect an entire office or cannot connect using the SSL VPN option. PPTP connections are established with a single datacenter that may be chosen when the VPN connection is set up on your operating system.

Key Features

Our private network is unparalleled, giving you a cost-free way to communicate with and manage servers. The VPN is the gateway to this network. We offer numerous access points throughout the world that you may connect to, which allows for the best and quickest access and interaction possible. SoftLayer currently has VPN access points in the following cities, with plans to grow this list even more in the near future:

Using VPN

Visit for a list of VPN access points to SoftLayer's private network.