Perform an OS Reload on a Device


Operating System (OS) reloads may be performed on any device at any time to restore your device to its original working order. An OS reload results in all data being swept from your device and a fresh version of your OS being restored. Because OS reloads clear all data from your device, if your data is not backed up before you complete the reload, it will be permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved. We strongly suggest that all data is backed up prior to performing this action. Follow the steps below to perform an OS reload on a device.

Perform an OS Reload

  1. Back up all data that is stored on the device that will have the OS reload.

    Note:If this step is skipped and data is not backed up, it cannot be retrieved.

  2. Access the Device List. Refer to Access the Device List.
  3. Click the Actions drop down list for the device.
  4. Select OS Reload.
  5. Click the Reload button to initiate the OS reload. Click the Cancel button to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

During the OS reload, all data will automatically be wiped from the device and SoftLayer's system will reload the operating system onto the device. During this process, the device will be offline and unavailable for use. Reload time varies based on device capacity and operating system. All data previously stored on the device will be lost, resulting in a "like new" experience when accessing the device for the first time. If data was backed up prior to the OS reload, it may be uploaded to the device when the device becomes available.