What is Media Data Transfer Service?


The Data Transfer Service is a service that allows you to send a USB 2.0 or 3.0 compatible device and/or CD's and DVD's to a SoftLayer datacenter to be connected directly to your network. The device is housed in a dedicated rack located in the datacenter of choice and will be mounted as an iSCSI target. Advanced Format drives are now supported as well.

Hardware Requirements
1)    Device must have a power supply that is 208v/220v compatible
2)    Device must have a power plug that fits a standard 120v socket (NEMA 5-15P)
3)    Device must be USB 2.0 compatible (3.0 is now supported as well)
4)    Device must come with USB cable with USB A Male connector (standard plug that fits most computers)
5)    CDS / DVDS
     a)    Must be in CD books, cases, jewel cases, or some of form of container and preferably all together in one container (A CD book, for example) and each disk must be labeled uniquely.
     b)    Disks will be rotated at the customer’s request via the ticket

Cost to You
1)    Initial Request for service: $0
2)    First 2 weeks no cost ($25 per1 week extension)
3)    Return Shipping to domestic locations (within the United States): $0

Please note: We are unable to ship internationally from any of our locations due to VAT/Customs.  We are able to return devices shipped within the continental United States back to other locations within the US.  In Singapore we are able to return devices, without charge, to Singapore addresses.  In Amsterdam we are able to handle return shipping to all countries within the European Union, with the exception of Switzerland and Norway.   In the event you require international shipping from one of our locations, please take care to ensure return shipping materials (UPS/FEDEX labels and export documents (i.e. a commercial invoice)) are included with your device.

Making a Request
This is done under Storage >> Data Transfer, then click on the Order Data Transfer Request link on the top right of the page.


Fill out this form with the devices
1)     Serial number
2)     Type
3)     A short description of the device
4)    The datacenter you would like the device to go in
5)    Tracking number used to track the shipment
6)    Carrier service used
7)    Return address of where you would like the device shipped to when finished.

Once filled out this will automatically create a support ticket to alert our technicians that the device is being shipped to us and allow them the ability to track the delivery.  Once we receive the device we will then proceed to connect it to our dedicated rack.  Once we have connected the device the ticket will be updated providing you a link to your log on credentials to the iSCSI target.

Request Return
At any time you can request that the device be shipped back to you at no extra charge.  You do this by selecting Storage>>Data Transfer and from the Action drop down of your device you select request return.  This will alert our technicians that you would like the device shipped back to you and disconnected.

Request Extension
After your 2 week free period if you still require use of your USB device you must request an extension which will alert our technicians that you would like to extend the time that the device is connected.  You do this in the same way that you would request your device returned to you by selecting Storage>>Data Transfer and in the Action drop down for the device select request extension.  Each week longer than the two first weeks there will be a service fee of 25 dollars that must be paid.  Also depending on the available space in the datacenter for your device your request could be denied.  If the request is granted the ticket will be updated stating that you have been granted the extra week.

After the two week period the device will automatically be disconnected from our datacenter and returned to you via the carrier of choice and to the return address you specified in the initial request.  The ticket will be updated stating that the device has been disconnected.