Access the Gateway Appliance Details Screen


Network Gateways are used to control network traffic on a VLAN that is regularly controlled by a router. Within the Gateway Appliance Details screen on the Customer Portal, users have the ability to associate, disassociate, route and bypass VLANs associated with a Network Gateway. Additional control related to the gateway is located in the gateway's management tool, which is also accessible from this screen. Follow the steps below to access the Gateway Details screen.

Access the Gateway Details Screen

  1. Access the Gateway Appliances screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Gateway Appliances Screen.
  2. Click the Gateway Appliance Name for the desired Network Gateway to access the Gateway Appliance Details screen.

What Happens Next

After accessing the Gateway Appliance Details screen, users may rename a gateway, associate, disassociate, route or bypass a VLAN. Interactions may be taken on multiple VLANs at any given time using the Bulk Actions feature. Additionally one-click access to the gateway's management tool is available on this screen and may be used at any time.