Access a Load Balancer's Details Screen


All interactions with a Load Balancer take place from its Details screen. From this screen, all current information about the Load Balancer may be viewed, including its Service Groups, Statistics and SSL Offload status. Additionally, any amendments that must be made to the Load Balancer take place from the Details screen. Follow the steps below to access a Load Balancer's Details screen.

Access the Details Screen

  1. Access the Load Balancers screen in the Customer Portal.
  2. Click the VIP Address link to access the Details screen.
    Select View Details from the Actions drop down list.

What Happens Next

The Details screen defaults to the Service Groups tab, which allows users to add, delete or edit Service Groups, reset connections or add a service. Statistics may be viewed for each Service Group from the Statistics tab and the SSL Offload tab allows for SSL Offloading configuration.