Access the Users Screen


The Users screen in the Customer Portal displays users associated with the account. For users with administrative access, all users associated with the account will appear. For users that do not have administrative access, only that user's profile will appear. Additionally, interactions available on the Users screen will vary based on the user's unique permission set. Follow the steps below to access the Users screen in the Customer Portal.

Access the Users Screen

  1. Access the Customer Portal using your unique credentials.
  2. Select Account > Users from the Navigation Bar to access the Users screen.

What Happens Next

After accessing the Users screen, those with administrative access may take action on any user associated with the account. These actions include edit Portal access, change user status and remove user. Users without administrative access have the ability to interact with their own account, including view the API key, edit VPN access and add external authentication. Return to the Users topic page for a full list on available interactions that may appear on the Users screen.