Access a VLAN


VLANs are displayed on the VLANs screen in the Customer Portal.  Each VLAN has a variety of details associated with it, including the router, location, and associated devices and subnets.  All of these details may be viewed by accessing the VLAN.  Follow the steps below to access a VLAN.

Access a VLAN

  1. Access the VLANs screen. Refer to Access the VLANs Screen.
  2. Click the VLAN Number link for the desired VLAN.

What Happens Next

After accessing a VLAN, users may edit the VLAN name, view and access devices associated with the VLAN, and view and access associated subnets. Devices and subnets may be accessed by clicking the link for the desired device or subnet.  Return to the VLANs screen at any time by clicking the View all VLANs link at the top of the screen or the appropriate VLAN Number link if viewing details at the device or subnet level.