Access the VLANs Screen


VLANs are managed within the Customer Portal on the VLANs screen. From the VLANs screen, VLAN spanning may be enabled or disabled, the VLAN name may be edited, firewalls may be added, and the VLAN may be accessed or cancelled. Follow the steps below to access the VLANs screen in the Customer Portal.

Access the VLANs Screen

  1. Access the Customer Portal using your unique credentials.
  2. Select Network > IP Management > VLANs from the Navigation Bar to access the VLANs screen.

What Happens Next

Users may enable or disable VLAN spanning, access a VLAN, cancel a VLAN or edit a VLAN name from the VLANs screen.  Additional interactions may be taken once a VLAN has been accessed, including viewing and accessing the VLAN's associated devices and/or subnets.  Access the VLANs screen again at any time by repeating the steps above.