Activate XenServer (Free License)

Citrix XenServer's Free license will only be licensed for 30 days from the initial install or reload. During this time you will need to register with Citrix and request a fully functional 1 year license. To create this license, it will require personal information that SoftLayer does not have access to and the license is an agreement between you and Citrix to use their product. This is why the free license is not automatically filled out and activated for you and is not related to the more advanced licenses. 
Please note that if you do not register your system, at the end of 30 days you will not be allowed to power on any virtual machines.  Additionally, If you have an upgraded license you are having issues with, please submet a Standard Support ticket se we may investigate this for you. 
To register your system you will need to do the following:

  1. Download and install the latest XenCenter Client either from the private network download page or from Citrix's XenCenter page
  2. Connect to your private network via vpn.
  3. Start XenCenter and click "Add New Server" on the top menu, or click "Server" -> "Add..." via the drop down menus. 
  4. Use the private IP address for the "Hostname", root for "User Name", and your root password for "Password". 
  5. Once the system is connected to a pop-up should appear for the License Manager alerting you that your license will expire in 30 days. If this does not happen please select "Tools" -> "License Manager..." from the drop down menu. 
  6. Check your server and click the "Activate..." button on the right side. This will launch a browser pointed to Citrix's registration site. Fill out the form and submit it. You should receive and email shortly with the attached license key.
  7. Once you have received save the attachment somewhere easy to find. 
  8. Back in XenCenter highlight your server in the left hand pane. Click "Server" -> "Install License Key..." from the top menu. This should prompt a dialog box asking for the location of the license key. Please point it to the location you saved it.

30 days prior to the license expiring, you will receive another notice via another License Manager pop-up warning. You will follow the same steps to activate a new license.