Add and Edit Metadata for an Object


After an object has been uploaded to the container, metadata may be associated with the object at the object view level. Adding metadata to an object assists the user in identifying an object without having to download and open the object. Metadata may be edited at any time. Follow the steps below to add and edit the metadata associated with an object.

Add and Edit Metadata

  1. View the object. Refer to View Object Details.
  2. Click the Add Metadata icon.
  3. Enter the metadata key in the first text box. The metadata key should indicate the type of metadata you will enter. Examples for metadata keys are things like Artist, Song and Topic.
  4. Enter the metadata value in the second text box. The metadata value corresponds with
    the key entered. Refer to the example below for a completed metadata key and corresponding value.
  5. Click the Update button to add the metadata. Click Cancel to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

After adding metadata to a file, files may be located more easily, and metadata values may also be searched when trying to locate a file using Object Storage search functionality. More than one set of metadata may be added. Repeat the steps above to add additional metadata to the same file.