Add a Container to a Cluster


A container houses data associated with an Object Storage account and is associated with an Object Storage cluster. At least one container must exist per account; however, multiple containers may be made and maintained according to the user's needs. Follow the steps below to add a container to a cluster.

Add a Container

  1. Access the Object Storage sreen. Refer to Access the Object Storage Screen.
  2. Click the Add Container link. A field will appear prompting the entry of the new container name.
  3. Enter the name of the container in the Container Name field. Container names must be 256 characters or less after URL encoding and cannot contain a forward slash (/).
  4. Click the OK button to create your container. Your new container will appear as the first container within the cluster.

What Happens Next

After adding a new container, files may be added as desired. Additional containers may be added to house files of like kind and folders may be added to containers to further assist in organization of data. If at any time data needs to be located quickly, search within a cluster for the data using keywords.