Add a Custom Provisioning Script


Custom provisioning scripts allow users to specify a URL to a script which will be executed on a newly provisioned SoftLayer device. Users have the ability to post and manage custom provisioning scripts within the Manage version of the SoftLayer Customer Portal.

When ordering a device, a custom provisioning script may be selected if it has been posted to the Provisioning Scripts screen of the Customer Portal. If a script has not been added, the URL may be used via open form field. Provisioning scripts may be any file which the operating system (OS) may execute, including combined binary files or any OS-supported language. Follow the steps below to add a custom provisioning script on the Customer Portal (Manage).

Note: This feature is currently available to Linux and Unix-based operating systems, only.

Add a Provisioning Script

  1. Access the Manage version of the SoftLayer Customer Portal.
  2. Select Provisioning Scripts from the Software drop down menu.
  3. Select the type of script that will be run from the Script Type drop down list.
  4. Enter a unique script name in the Script Name field.
  5. Enter the exact URL to be associated with the script in the URL field.
  6. Click the Create button.

What Happens Next

After an order containing a provisioning script is submitted, the device will be provisioned similar to any other SoftLayer device; however, prior to the device becoming available, the selected script will be downloaded to the device. The origin of the provisioning script drastically changes the behavior during this last step of the provisioning process. If supplied an HTTPS URL, SoftLayer will download and execute the script, with no additional interaction required of the user in regard to execution. If the script is supplied over HTTP, SoftLayer will only download the script. For scripts provided over HTTP, the administrator must log in to the device and execute the script manually.