Add, Delete and Update Software Users and Passwords


The Passwords tab for your device allows you to track users and their passwords in one central location. All information must be added, deleted and updated manually and applies to software only. If a user or administrator adds, deletes or updates a password from the software, changes will not be replicated on or synced to the Passwords tab. All changes made must be manually recorded on the Passwords tab to ensure information is up to date. Follow the steps below to add, delete and update users and passwords on the Passwords tab.

Add, Delete and Update Users and Passwords

  1. Access the Device List. Refer to Access the Device List
  2. Click the Device Name to access the device.
  3. Click the Passwords tab to view the current user and password details.
  4. Determine if a user or password will be added, update or deleted.
    If a user or password will be... Then...
    • Select the software for which the user and password will be added from the Software drop down list.
    • Enter the new username in the Username field.
    • Enter the corresponding password for the user in the Password field.
    • Enter any notes about the user or password information in the Notes field.
    • Click the Add User button to add the new information. Click the Cancel button to cancel the action.
    • Click the Delete icon for the corresponding user/password combination.
    • Click the Yes button to confirm the deletion. Click the No button to cancel the action.
      Note: After deletion, user and password details cannot be retrieved.
    • Click anywhere in the row for the user requiring the edit.
    • Edit the username and/or password as necessary.
    • Click the Update button to update the information. Click the Cancel information to cancel the action.