Add an Object (File)


Adding an object (file) in the Customer Portal allows the user to upload files into the selected container associated with an Object Storage account. An unlimited number of files may be uploaded, but each file may not exceed 20MB in size. Follow the steps below to add an object (file) to an Object Storage account.

Add an Object

  1. Access the Object Storage screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Object Storage screen.
  2. Click the Add File link.
  3. Click the Select box in the pop-up to access the drives on your workstation.
  4. Located the file for upload and select the file.
  5. Click the Add button to upload the selected file. Click Cancel to cancel the upload.

What Happens Next

After uploading the file, it may be accessed at any time. Additionally, it may be edited or deleted. To add additional details about the file within the Object Storage cluster without editing the file itself, add metadata to the object.

NOTE: Due to the portal upload's size limit of 20 MB, consider using other means to upload larger files. See instructions for Connecting to Object Storage using the Command Line, Connecting to Object Storage using Cyberduck or Connecting to Object Storage using WinSCP for more information.