Add a Payment Method


Each SoftLayer account is required to have a credit card on file that is automatically charged each month based on that month's invoice amount. This information must be current at all times in order avoid late payments and may be updated at any time to ensure the payment information is always accurate. If the credit card information on file is correct but an alternate form of payment should be applied to the current balance, refer to Make a One-Time Payment. Follow the steps below to add a payment method for an account in the Customer Portal.

Add a Payment Method

  1. Access the Customer Portal using your unique credentials.
  2. Expand the Account drop down menu and select Payment Methodfrom the Billing expansion.
  3. Enter the card's billing details in each field in the Billing Address section.
    Note: Click the Use Company Information check box to automatically complete the fields in this section with the company information SoftLayer has on file for the acount.
  4. Enter the credit card information in each field in the Payment Information section.
  5. Click the Add Credit Card button to add the credit card as a monthly payment method. Click Cancel to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

After adding the payment method, the request is processed by SoftLayer account representatives to ensure the card's validity. If valid, the card will be available for use on the account within 24 hours. The status change for the payment method will be emailed to the contact provided when the payment method was added. Repeat the steps above at any time to add new payment information to the account.