Add a Service to a Service Group


After a Service Group has been added to a Load Balancer, Services may be added to that group to begin the balancing process. Multiple Services may be added to a Service Group and may be weighted to allow for prioritization on how each device should receive the workload at any given time. Follow the steps below to add a new Service to a Service Group for a Load Balancer.

Add a Service

  1. Access the Details screen for the desired Load Balancer on the Customer Portal. Refer to Access a Load Balancer's Details Screen.
  2. Under the actions dropdown click the Add Service option for the desired Service Group to open the Service Group for edits.
    Note: Each Service Group's actionable items are listed in the top right corner directly across from the Service Group's name.
  3. Select the IP Address for the desired device by typing in the IP of the destination server.
  4. Enter the Port Number that should be used to route traffic in the Port field.
  5. Select the Health Check preference from the Health Check drop down list. Refer to Health Check FAQ.
  6. Enter the numeric priority for the Service in the Weight field. Refer to Weight FAQ.
    Note: The lower the number, the higher the priority. Weighted values begin at one (1) and increase. Negative values are not permitted.
  7. Ensure that the Enabled check box is shown as checked. If not checked, select the Enabled check box to enable the Service.
    Note: The Enabled check box is selected by default to ensure the Service is enabled upon its addition. If adding a Service that should not be enabled, deselect the check box.
  8. Enter any applicable notes regarding the Service in the Notes text box.
  9. Click the Save Configuration button to add the Service. Click Cancel to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

After adding a Service to a Service Group, it will appear in the Services grid for the Group. If it has been enabled, it will begin assisting in Load Balancing efforts based on the weight provided when the Service was added. If it is disabled, it will still appear in the Service Group, but it will not assist in balancing until it has been activated. Health checks will be performed on the Service in intervals and its Status will be reflected as up or down, based on the result of the health check. Services may be edited or deleted at any time and HTTP Custom Health Checks may be added to any existing service through the Actions drop down menu.