Associate Billing Items to a Device


Billing items for each account can be associated to a device on the Billing Items screen of the Customer Portal. Single items are associated using the Actions drop down list for the desired billing item, while multiple items may be associated using the Bulk Actions drop down list. Follow the steps below to associate billing items to a device.

Associate Billing Items to a Device

  1. Access the Billing Items screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Billing Items Screen.
  2. Determine if associating a single billing item to a device or if associating multiple billing items to a device.

    If associating... Then...
    A single billing item Select Associate Device from the Actions drop down list.
    Multiple billing items
    • Click the Select check box for each billing item to be associated to the device.
    • Select Associated Selected Items to Device from the Bulk Actions drop down list.


  3. Click the Yes button to associate the device. Click the No button to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

Billing item association occurs immediately within backend systems when the request is completed. After associating a billing item to a device, it will appear within the Associated Billing Items list and the device name will appear in the Associated With column for each billing item. Billing items may be removed from a device at any time using either the single or bulk removal method.