Back up A Virtuozzo Container

1)                    You will need to ensure that you have both Hardware Nodes setup in PIM


2)                    Browse to Infrastructure and the Hardware Node that the Container is currently on.

3)                    Select the Container and click the Back Up button.

a.       Add a distinctive comment that will describe why you are backing up this data.

b.      Select the Backup Type

                                                               i.      Use Hardware Node Settings

                                                             ii.      Full (we choose a full backup)

                                                            iii.      Incremental

                                                           iv.      Differential

c.       Select the Compression Level (higher compression may save disk space but will use more CPU)

                                                               i.      Use Hardware Node Settings

                                                             ii.      None

                                                            iii.      Normal (we choose Normal as to not cause excess load on the server)

                                                           iv.      High

                                                             v.      Maximum

d.      Select the Hardware Node where the backup file will live.  If you have multiple Hardware Nodes then it is typically advised to save your backups to them, rather than the same server.

e.       Other options are to be at the Administrators digression.

4)                    Backup

5)                    You can view the Status

6)                    The backup has been completed.

7)                    Go into the Hardware Node, Container and Backups tab

8)                    Go into the backup where can review the details of your backup(s)