Back Up a Virtuozzo Container in the Command Line

The following steps will walk you through backing up a container on a Virtuozzo server, if you are not familiar with a command line interface however please reference the Virtuozzo beginners’ walkthrough found here INSERT LINK HERE.

Step 1:

Check the list of containers on your host:

[root@virtuozzo01 ~]# vzlist


         1         86 running   ServiceCT

       101          5 running    VZTest01.softlayer.local

       201          9 running

[root@virtuozzo01 ~]#

Step 2:

Make sure you have connectivity to the backup hardware node; then initiate the backup.

[root@virtuozzo01 ~]# ping virtuozzo00.softlayer.local

PING virtuozzo00.softlayer.local ( 56(84) bytes of data.

64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.149 ms

64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.142 ms

[root@virtuozzo00 ~]# vzabackup virtuozzo01.softlayer.local -e 201

* Operation backup_env with the Env(s) is started

* Backing up environment to

* Checking parameters

* Dumping quota

* Creating backup 5daa073c-2dd0-0a41-8274-a1ba1ee0d693/20081029151602

* Adjusting backup type (full)

* Backup storage: receiving backup file

* Preparing for backup operation

* Backing up private area

 100% |**************************************************************|

* Sending private backup data

* Backup storage: storing private backup data

* Backup storage: filling resultant backup info

* Operation backup_env with the Env(s) is finished successfully


Backup operation for node 'virtuozzo01.softlayer.local' was finished successfully.

There are a few things to notice about the above command. 1.) You must login and execute the backup command on the “destination” server (the server you want the backup to reside on). Once the command is run it will request the container ID from the original hardware node. 2.) The option “-e” is used to designate a single container. Without this option the command would back up all containers on the host server to the new location

[root@virtuozzo00 vz]# vzabackup virtuozzo01.softlayer.local

  • Operation backup_env with the Env(s),VZTest01.softlayer.local is started

To view the backups made and stored on the server use the command:

[root@virtuozzo00 vz]# vzarestore --list --full

Show existing backups...

CTID: 100

Title: migrateme

Type:  full

BackupID: ab8743f4-d436-3a44-b35d-090f2bd2ea35/20081023173802

Description: This is our initial full backup of migrateme on virtuozzo00.

Parent environment: virtuozzo00.softlayer.local

Size:  97.78 Mb

Creation date: 2008-10-23T123802-005

CTID: 101

Title: VZTest01.softlayer.local

Type:  full

BackupID: f440f67b-76e7-684b-9f1b-f64f755803f7/20081029153257


Parent environment: virtuozzo01.softlayer.local

Size:  98.22 Mb

Creation date: 2008-10-29T103257-005

CTID: 201


Type:  full

BackupID: 5daa073c-2dd0-0a41-8274-a1ba1ee0d693/20081029151602


Parent environment: virtuozzo01.softlayer.local

Size:   3.80 Mb

Creation date: 2008-10-29T101602-005

CTID: 201


Type:  full

BackupID: 5daa073c-2dd0-0a41-8274-a1ba1ee0d693/20081029153047


Parent environment: virtuozzo01.softlayer.local

Size:   3.80 Mb

Creation date: 2008-10-29T103047-005