Backing up Hyper-V virtual machines using Veeam


In this guide we will show how to configure the Veeam Backup and Replication service to backup Virtual Machines running on a Hyper-V host. I will be backing up a standalone Hyper-V server. For instructions on configuring backups for Hyper-V clusters or servers managed by System Center (SCVMM) please see the official guides here.


  • A Bare Metal or Virtual Guest running Windows with the Veeam backup and replication software installed. This is done during the provisioning process as part of your order. 
  • An Administrative level account on the Hyper-V server you would like to backup.

Adding the Hyper-V host to Veeam

Launch the Veeam Backup and Replication application on your server. To start the New Hyper-V Server wizard, Open the Backup Infrastructure view, in the inventory pane select the Managed servers node and click Add Server on the ribbon. You can also right-click the Managed servers node and select Add server. In the Add Server window, select Microsoft Hyper-V.

Specify Server Name or Address of the Hyper-V server you are backing up and click Next to choose the Hyper-V server type.

In this case I am choosing the Standalone option as I am backing up a Hyper-V server that is not part of a cluster and not managed by In-Tune or System Center. 

On the following screen click Add on the right to add the credentials. Note that you have to use the domain style DOMAIN\User syntax when adding the credentials and the user has to have Administrative privileges on the Hyper-V host. Click Next.

Once the server has authenticated it will install the needed components on the remote Hyper-V host.

If everything installs correctly you can now move on to creating your first backup job.

Creating a Backup Job

To create a Backup Job for your virtual machines launch the New Backup Job wizard by going to the Home tab, click Backup Job and select your Hyper-V host.

Give the backup job a name and click Next. This will bring you to the Virtual Machine selection page. Click the Add button, choose the appropriate Hyper-V host and then highlight the VM's you would like to backup. Once you have selected all the virtual machines you would like to backup click Add.

You should now see a list of the VM's you are going to backup as well as a size calculation for how much disk space the backups will consume.

Click Next. On this step you can adjust the storage repository you would like to backups to be stored in, but for my purposes I am not making any changes as Veeam had already marked my 750GB secondary drive as the default storage option. Click Next to setup the backup schedule.

When you've made all your choices click Save and you will be prompted if you would like to run the backup after the job creation. This is always a good idea as you can immediately see if there are any issues with the configuration before the normal schedule takes over.