Boot a VSI from an Image


The Boot from Image functionality within the Customer Portal boots a Virtual Server Instance (VSI) using an ISO template that has been imported from an Object Storage Account using the image import feature within the Portal. Booting a VSI from an image brings the device online safely so that issues may be resolved. In most cases, the boot from image functionality allows for troubleshooting to occur in an environment without risking significant data loss that could be experienced from an OS reload. Though significant data loss is less likely than with an OS reload, we recommend backing up the device prior to initiating the boot. Follow the steps below to boot a VSI from an image.

Boot a VSI from an Image

  1. Back up all data on the device.
  2. Access the Device Information in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Device List.
  3. Select Actions > Boot from Image for the desired VSI.
  4. Click the Boot from this Image link for the desired image.
    Note: Toggle between public and private images using the drop down above the Image List.
  5. Click the Boot from Image button to boot the device using the selected image. Click the Close to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

After initiating the boot process, the image will power off and boot up using the selected image. Boot time varies, as the size and type of each image varies. After the VSI is booted up using the image, it may be accessed as a regularly booted device, but will be configured according to the image. Reboot the VSI to power down and return the device to its original state.