Configure Health Checks for a Service Group


Health Checks are designed to regularly check if a server is online and accepting traffic for a load balancer to pass traffic through.  Health Checks are designed to respond with either an UP or DOWN reply depending upon your custom timeout.  The default interval is 120 seconds.

There are several methods of configuring health checks

Default: The default configuration is ping

HTTP: Checks over port 80 to the IP address listed responds with HTTP code 200 (okay).

HTTP-CUSTOM: Much like regular HTTP except you assign the type of connection, the location of your health check, and the response that you are anticipating.  This is an advanced option.

Ping: A simple ping test over ICMP

TCP: Much like a ping test but explicitly over TCP.  This option should be used if you have ICMP connections blocked.


Configure Weights

  1. Access the Load Balancers screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Load Balancers Screen.
  2. Click the VIP Address of the desired Load Balancer to access the Details screen.
  3. Select the drop down arrow on the left of the group you wish to modify
  4. Under the destination services section you will see the dropdown for Health Check
  5. Select the option that works best for your configuration as outlined above
  6. Modify any other destination services for the service group
  7. Click Save Configuration at the bottom right of the screen


What Happens Next

Once your configuration has been saved the changes will take effect immediately.  You will be able to monitor the status of your health checks from the status icon in the service group.