Configure weights for my Load Balancer


Weights are a system of assigning numerical values to which servers you wish to receive more traffic.  A higher number represents a higher priority as long as the server is online according to health checks.  

For example:

If server1 has a weight of 80 and server2 has a weight of 20 then for each 10 connections that come through server1 will be allocated 8 and server2 will have 2.  If server1 goes offline or is removed from the pool all connections will goto server2.


Configure Weights

  1. Access the Load Balancers screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Load Balancers Screen.
  2. Click the VIP Address of the desired Load Balancer to access the Details screen.
  3. Select the drop down arrow on the left of the group you wish to modify
  4. Under the destination services section you will see the option for weight
  5. Enter any number you wish for the weight keeping into consideration that the higher the weight the more traffic the destination will receive
  6. Modify any other destination services for the service group
  7. Click Save Configuration at the bottom right of the screen


What Happens Next

After configuring weights of your service groups the changes will take place immediately.  You can monitor the connections of the service group from the connections button next to the destination server.