Connect to SSL VPN - Windows 7 and Higher

In order to connect to the SoftLayer SSL VPN, you may need to do a few things on your computer first to ensure your ability to connect.

Turn off User Access Control (UAC) in the control panel

This can be done by going to Start --> Control Panel --> User Accounts --> Change User Account Control Settings --> Uncheck the box next to Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer.

Enable the Administrator Account

This can be done by going to Start --> Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management --> Local Users and Groups --> Users --> Right-click the Administrator user and select Properties --> Uncheck the box for Account is disabled.

Run Internet Explorer as Administrator before connecting to the SSL VPN page

This can be done by right-clicking on the Internet Explorer icon and selecting Run as administator from the menu.


Once the above has been done, you should be able to log go to and log in using your portal username and password.  You will want to be sure your user has SSL VPN Access.  You will also need to be sure that you have set a VPN password, which you can do so by accessing your User Profile Page and filling out the box that says VPN Password.