Cross connects between two or more servers

Cross connects between two or more servers.

Our private network is your cross connect. Your first server purchase will generate a private VLAN for your account with 64 private IPs.
All of your future server purchases will be placed on the same VLAN so your servers can communicate over the private network.
If you expect to have more than 64 servers with SL, just let us know and we will increase the size of your private network to allow for future growth.
We cannot always guarantee that your servers will be placed behind the same routers, or if you have servers in multiple locations you will need to Enable Private Network Spanning via the portal.

You can do this by:

Portal>> private network >> Enable Private Network Spanning.

Then once you click on the Enable Private Network Spanning link, you will be brought to this screen, were you will select yes and then click “Update VLAN span setting”