Delete a Service on a Load Balancer


After a Service has been added to a Service Group for a Load Balancer, it may be deleted at any time. Deleting a Service from a Service Group prevents the Service from being utilized by the Load Balancer service unless it is manually added back to a Service Group. Alternately, a Service may be disabled, which will keep the Service associated with the Service Group while making it unavailable for balancing efforts. To keep the Service associated with the Load Balancer Service Group, edit the Service and deselect the "Enabled" check box. Follow the steps below to delete the Service from the Load Balancer.

Delete a Service

  1. Access the Load Balancers screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Load Balancers Screen.
  2. Goto the details screen by clicking the VIP address
  3. Expand the group drop down by clicking the arrow
  4. Click the red X next to the service you wish to delete
  5. Click save configuration at the bottom of the page for the settings to be updated

What Happens Next

After deleting the Service, the configuration will be saved and will instantly take effect. If the deleted Service is the only one associated with a Service Group, the Group will be unable to perform any Load Balancing activities until a new Service is added.