Delete a User from Password Tracking


The SoftLayer, an IBM company, Customer Portal provides users with a complimentary Password Tracking tool that may be used to store user and password details for software associated with SoftLayer devices. After adding information into the Password Tracking tool, it may be deleted at any time. Follow the steps below to delete a user from the Password Tracking tool on the Customer Portal.

Delete a User from Password Tracking

  1. Access the Customer Portal using your unique credentials.
  2. Select Manage -> Passwords from the Devices drop down menu.
  3. Locate the appropriate device-user combination in the Password Tracking tool. Use the Filter feature to quickly locate the desired user.
  4. Click the red Delete icon for the desired user. A pop-up confirmation box will appear.
  5. Click the Yes button to delete the user. Click the No button to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

After deleting a user from the Password Tracking tool, the information will no longer be recorded; however, the user/password combination will still function for the device and software, as the tool does not sync with the software located on the device. The user may be added back to the tool at any time.