Edit Details for a Provisioning Script


Provisioning scripts allow users to specify a URL to a script which will be downloaded on a newly provisioned device. After adding a script to the Customer Portal, the script name and URL may be edited at any time. There are no restrictions for the script name; however, we recommend using a similar naming convention for each script. URLs are restricted to fully-qualified HTTP or HTTPS domain names. Follow the steps below to edit details for an existing provisioning script.

Edit Details for a Provisioning Script

  1. Access the Provisioning Scripts screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Provisioning Scripts Screen.
  2. Click anywhere in the Name or URL column for the desired provisioning script to open the script for edits.
  3. Update the name or URL.
    Note: When updating a URL, a fully-qualified domain name must be entered. If a fully-qualified domain name is not entered, the edit will not be saved.
  4. Click anywhere on the screen to save the edit.

What Happens Next

After updating the details, valid updates are displayed on the screen immediately. If a relative domain name (missing HTTP or HTTPS) was used in the update process, the system will not display the new domain; rather, the URL will revert to the previous fully-qualified domain name associated with the script. If this has happened, repeat the steps above using a fully-qualified domain name. Changes made to existing provisioning scripts do not impact devices that have already been provisioned using the script.