Edit Details for an SSH Key


After adding an SSH key to the Customer Portal, its details may be edited at any time. Editable details include the Label, which is a short name used to easily identify the SSH key, and the notes for the key.  If the key itself must be edited for any reason, remove the key and add the correct key to the Customer Portal.  It is important to note that the fingerprint listed with the details for the SSH key is not the key itself - it is a short sequence of bytes used in the retrieval of the key and may not represent the actual SSH key in any way.  Follow the steps below to edit an SSH Key's details.

Edit the Details for an SSH Key

  1. Access the SSH Keys screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the SSH Keys Screen.
  2. Click anywhere in the Label field or the Notes field to open the field for edits.
  3. Enter the updated text in the corresponding field.
  4. Click anywhere on the screen to close the field to additional edits.

What Happens Next

SSH Key details that are edited are updated immediately in the SSH Keys list. At any time, additional updates may be made to the same or different SSH Key details by repeating the steps above.