Edit Notes for a Subnet


The Subnets screen within the Customer Portal displays all subnets associated with the account and corresponding details regarding each subnet, including the network, VLAN, location and notes. The Notes section of the screen is editable and may be updated by any user with permission to interact with subnets. We recommend keeping the Notes section updated with details about the subnet, which will generally include the intended use for the subnet and any other pertinent information that may assist users. Follow the steps below to edit notes for a subnet.

Edit Notes for a Subnet

  1. Access the Subnets screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Subnets Screen.
  2. Click anywhere within the Notes column for the desired subnet to open the field for edits.
  3. Enter the desired notes or comments in the Notes field.
  4. Click away from the Notes column to save the edits.

What Happens Next

After updating notes for a subnet, the notes will remain with the subnet until they are edited again. Subnet notes may be edited when necessary by repeating the steps above.